Which comment would you say is more hilariously detached from all reality?

Which comment would you say is more hilariously detached from all reality? September 26, 2015

A Lefty who actually complained, “The Pope is a PR guy for the Bronze Age.”


Michael Savage’s remark, “The same people who gave us Obama gave us this pope”.

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"Oh, by the way, call me a liar and you are gone. Bye!"

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  • Re_Actor
  • Clare Krishan

    As the strong (in faith), let us not demean the weak (in spirit): “Our religious traditions remind us that, as human beings, we are called
    to acknowledge an Other, who reveals our relational identity in the face
    of every effort to impose “a uniformity to which the egotism of the
    powerful, the conformism of the weak, or the ideology of the utopian
    would seek to impose on us” (M. de Certeau).” http://www.romereports.com/2015/09/26/read-full-speech-pope-francis-meeting-with-immigrant-families-in-philadelphia

    Conformity (poor old Mayor Nutter couldn’t help himself, feeling obliged to make a plug for SSA-LGBT chauvinists in his pre-address remarks at Independence Mall, independent of the party-line he could not afford to be, irony of ironies, and Phiily Pops timing for Aaron Copeland’s anthem for the common man pushed the boundaries a little too vigorously IMHO – those timpani gave me a fright, not sure if the Archbishop appreciated them on his birthday, gay icon that the composer is) is a sign of weakness. Praying in PA.

  • Dave G

    I guess it depends on just who made the bronze age statement.

  • Jim Peavy

    “Suppose we heard an unknown man spoken of by many men. Suppose we were puzzled to hear that some men said he was too tall and some too short; some objected to his fatness, some lamented his leanness; some thought him too dark, and some too fair. One explanation would be that he might be an odd shape. But there is another explanation. He might be the right shape. Outrageously tall men might feel him to be short. Very short men might feel him to be tall. Old bucks who are growing stout might consider him insufficiently filled out; old beaux who were growing thin might feel that he expanded beyond the narrow lines of elegance. Perhaps Swedes (who have pale hair like tow) called him a dark man, while negroes considered him distinctly blonde. Perhaps (in short) this extraordinary thing is really the ordinary thing; at least the normal thing, the centre. Perhaps, after all, it is Christianity that is sane and all its critics that are mad — in various ways.”
    – G K Chesteron

  • sez

    I’d like to meet these mythical people who gave us both Obama and Pope Francis. But I’m sure they exist only in Michael Savage’s head.

    Why anyone else would listen to the voices in his head is beyond me.

    • Alma Peregrina

      Are there any liberal US cardinals? Those are the only ones that could’ve given us both Obama and Francis, being able to vote both on the US presidential elections and on the conclave.

      • Elaine S.

        I’m sure there are — but IMO they would only have been able to have “given us both Obama and Francis” if they lived in “swing” states with a significant proportion of the electoral vote that wasn’t already in the bag for either party. For example: the cardinals from NYC, Chicago and LA as of 2008 and 2012 (Egan and Dolan in NYC, George in Chi, Mahony and Gomez in LA) could probably have been classified as more or less politically liberal, but their state’s electoral votes (the only ones that really count) would have gone to Obama anyway no matter how they voted as individuals.

  • Tater Spivey

    id have to call it a tie. this week of following the Pope from event to event on EWTN in addition to exhausting me who am half the age of the Pope (I don’t know how he does it) has put me on an emotional high. it felt so good to hear a champion for the Truth we share. This has been a really good week.

    but then when i came to work those that form there faith by worshiping at the altar of the news preachers gave it to me from both sides. slapped back into reality of not belonging I was reminded again that I am Catholic and I am so very happy. Praise be to You Lord for so great a gift for so unworthy a person.

    • Joseph

      Lol! Same here. I’ve sort of developed a ‘you call that spit? you can do better than that’ attitude as loogies hit me from all directions. It’s kind of nice to be counter-cultural and despised by hipsters.

      • Hezekiah Garrett

        Just remember, you loved Jesus before he was cool…

  • 92JazzQueen .

    Check, the atheist channel there have been many pages about bashing the pope, calling him a conservative bigot.

  • neoconned

    Close, but I’ll have to go with the Bronze Age comment because it makes no sense historically.

    • Alma Peregrina

      And Michael Savage’s comment makes any sense? Historically or otherwise?

      • neoconned

        Good point…

  • Elaine S.

    Savage must have gotten the Electoral College confused with the College of Cardinals.

  • orual’s kindred

    Oh, that’s Michael Savage.

  • virago

    What’s the point of choosing? To commit to a lesser degree of stupid depending on your perspective? Senseless! The only reasonable action is to vote neither/both and then move along to something that matters.

  • Joe

    Michael Savage wins teh stoopidz!