A reader sends along a curious quote from an atheist correspondent of his

A reader sends along a curious quote from an atheist correspondent of his October 24, 2015

“”I have no perception of anything supernatural thankfully. I never trust my perceptions as human perception is so often wrong. Also my sense of perception is underwhelming to say the least.”

He remarks that his wife says “it’s the verbal equivalent of an illustration by Escher.”

Hard to disagree.  It puts me in mind of something Dale Ahlquist once said, “Future generation will look back on the received wisdom of our time and say, ‘That is something so absurd that only people in the early 21st Century could have believed it.”

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  • Mark Moore

    I think much like that. Instead of beliefs I seem to have place holders for information that seems correct at the time. When an idea turns out to be wrong which happens often enough for a variety of reasons, the place holder moves easily rather than being set in stone.

    I am happy for there to be gods if ever any evidence shows up that there are any that are not an artifact of my neurology or my hopes to evade death. It is just another placeholder waiting to be rearranged.

    • Alma Peregrina

      Mark’s critic is that the propositions:

      “I don’t believe because I’ve never had a perception of the supernatural”


      “I don’t believe, because perceptions are often wrong”

      are cancelling each other out.

      • Varenius

        Don’t you know that misperceptions only go in one direction???

  • sez

    And atheists think they are smarter than believers. With “logic” like that??

  • Lazarus

    A bit like never being skeptical of your skepticism;)

  • Korou

    Basically, it all comes down to this:
    What is your best reason for why I should believe in God?

  • PalaceGuard

    For some reason, after working through that logic, I have a strong craving for beer.