Avoid the Occult

Avoid the Occult October 30, 2015

Yr. Obdt. Svt. looks at the Church’s teaching such matters as divination, seance, and trafficking with spirits.  Bottom line: Don’t.  Even if you don’t believe in the devil, he believes in himself and he hates your living guts because you are made in the image and likeness of God who he hates even more.  He can’t hurt God.  But he can spitefully hurt you, the one God loves so much he died for you.  You are living in a war zone, like it or not.  Don’t get suckered by the evil one.  His one purpose is to destroy you, for spite’s sake.

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  • Nathaniel

    My then six year old sister and her best friend at the time very excitedly got an Ouija board from the toy store. They had gathered that it could answer any questions they asked it, and wouldn’t that be great.

    So they brought it home, laid out the board and the plastic marker. They asked their question, put both their hands on the plastic and waited.

    And waited.

    You see, they being six years old, they hadn’t gathered that someone was supposed to surreptitiously nudge the plastic bit so that it would “mysteriously” move and answer the questions. So after a few minutes they gave up in disappointment and disgust. They then threw it away, never bothering with it again.

    Thus my conclusion about the “occult”: People can get really worked up about remarkably silly things.

    • kenofken

      I chucked my Ouija when it failed to solve differential equations reliably. Got myself a TI-89 🙂

      • Pete the Greek

        I agree. The devil can’t plot equations worth a damn.

  • Rufus Opus

    Conjuring celestial and terrestrial entities is one of the time-honored methods of gaining insight into the human condition. It is by the power of god that these entities respond to us. Christ himself says we will do far more miraculous things than he did in the Bible. The occult gives us the education, skill set, and tools necessary to do so.

    God loves Occultists too!

    • Heather

      Of course God loves occultists too.

      He also loves people who play with fire, but that doesn’t mean He wants them to keep risking burning themselves and others.

      There are two kinds of supernatural power in the world. The one that comes from God, and the one that parodies and despises God. When we ask for guidance or a miracle in the name of God, we might get divine guidance or intervention. There are also some exceptional individuals who have been given special gifts (charisms) from God that give them unusual abilities or insights.

      But when we decide to try to take the supernatural into our own hands for our own purposes, we are trying to play God. That brings us the power that parodies God, instead of the kind that is of God. Try actually reading Mark’s article. He gives a very good explanation of why this is a bad idea.

      • Rufus Opus

        How do you know how the Gifts worked? The Word of Knowledge, for example, was a well-knkown manifestation in the 1st through 3rd centuries in the Church, and there are documents from the time that discuss methods of obtaining a “Supernatural Assistant” that would bring these Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

        • Pete the Greek

          Dude, you sell stupid, mass produced sex ‘talismans’ and claim they’ll get you laid. You’re a laughable fraud.

          I think you may have confused Mark’s site for the NCR. Over there, they’d probably give you your own column.

    • chezami

      You are deceived.

      • Rufus Opus

        Or illuminated. It depends on one’s perspective. I am one of those annoying Catholics that read the Bible and make life hard on those who don’t. Turns our we get to do a lot more than you think.

        • chezami

          Oh brother. A Catholic who imagines he is the only one to read Scripture.

          • Pete the Greek

            Nope, he’s not that at all. I haven’t seen industrial grade New Age BS like his in a long time. (did a search for his name in Google).

            Long story short: He was a technical writer, and because of that, you see, he’s TOTALLY able to decipher the hidden codes in the Bible.

            What can you use these secret codes for? Easy! He uses them to make ‘talismans’ that, what else, bring you wealth and lots of sex! Oh, he also offers to ‘cast spells and incantations’ for you (at a reasonable cost of $175-$250 each, no guarantees, plus the non-refundable $125 initial consulting fee, of course)

            Add an Enya CD, a soft focus camera lens, and the sound of one of those gurgling rock water fonts they sell at WalMart and you’ve got a 90s flashback full of New Age BS.

            I’m Pete the Greek and I read people’s bu***hit so you don’t have to. Don’t thank me, I’m a giver!

            • Sister Njo

              I’m sorry, Pete the Greek but I have to: Thank you for your service!

        • Pete the Greek

          No, much like people hawking crystal therapy, you’re a carnival barker that preys on weak minded people by selling them cheaply engraved sh!t from Chinese factories after marking it up by $200 and calling it ‘magical’.

          I would love to just call you names, but I think I have a better idea: I will pray daily from now on that God shows you the error of your ways in such a way as to turn you around. That is much more effective and, probably, MUCH harder on you.

          • kenofken

            …”you’re a carnival barker that preys on weak minded people by selling them cheaply engraved sh!t from Chinese factories after marking it up by $200 and calling it ‘magical’.”

            Isn’t that what we call “the retail sector” in the United States?

    • Pete the Greek


      • Rufus Opus

        It’s srs bsns.

        • Pete the Greek

          Serious business? I would say so. If I could charge $250 for some engraved piece of metal guaranteed to produce b*ners like you’re doing on your site, it would be serious business (you know, you could lower production cost if you you just have them made in China). I can’t make up my mind if you’re just a standard swindler like an 1870s carnival barker, or a drug addled Burning Man reject who actually believes the BS you peddle on your site.

          Either way, go hawk your B*ner Pentagrams someplace else.

          ON EDIT: OMG!!! I was curious, so I went onto Alibaba (drop shipping site for Chinese goods) did a search and FOUND your source. Wow! You little scamster, you. You’re not even making these! You’re drop shipping them from China! You’re paying no more than $2.08 with free EPacket international shipping and charging $100+!! Wow! That is one hell of a business model! Wow… I guess there are suckers born every minute.

    • Lord save us.

    • MarylandBill

      And how do you know the “Celestial” entity is benevolent and is going to tell you the truth? God gave us the Church and experience to gain insight into the human condition, we don’t need anything else.

      • Rufus Opus

        Paul provides a method of testing the spirits, if you remember. You do remember there were people speaking in the tongues of angels in Corinth?

        • Pete the Greek

          But did St. Paul charge the Corinthians $175+ for wealth incantations and offer magical sex ‘talismans’ for sale? I must have missed that part of the letters.

          You’re one step up from Nigerian email scammers, man.

    • LFM


  • I’ve noticed that on the Web some people who are determinedly not materialists place credence in mediums and seances as a way of indicating life after death.

    It is risky and an error and turns what might be spiritual insight under other circumstances into a technology mediated by self-proclaimed technicians.

    God will send signs if He wants to.

  • kenofken

    Don’t dabble in the Occult! Those of us working with it full time are tripping over amateurs!