I’ve never gotten a spam blackmail note before

I’ve never gotten a spam blackmail note before October 14, 2015

This was addressed to me and a bunch of other people in my email box this AM:

Dear Sir,

I saw a maid servant pick a new born baby from
waste garbage basket from my flat window in Thane.
At that time I was employed with Cybertech systems & software, Waghle Industrial Estate, THANE,
MAHARASHTRA STATE,INDIA.Some time in the year 1998/1999.

Mr Joby Manuel

Dang it! I left my billion dollars in my other pair of pants. Maybe one of the other addressees can pick up the tab. Teach me for leaving those illegitmimate babies lying around India back in the 90s.

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  • Josh

    How do you know the baby was illegitimate? Huh? That wasn’t in the email. On the cop shows when someone knows a fact about the crime that wasn’t mentioned, it doesn’t bode well for that person.

  • Joe

    Is your former maid servant in on the blackmail?