A reader writes with an Emergency Prayer Request

A reader writes with an Emergency Prayer Request November 11, 2015

She writes:

Can you post an emergency prayer request for a friend of mine? Her adult daughter is starving to death from bulimia, apparently can’t eat normally at all anymore, but her Medicaid refuses to authorize for her to be put in inpatient treatment. All the mother can do is take her daughter to the emergency room and all the emergency room can do is temporarily stabilize her and send her home. The mother wants this message to go viral and has told me to spread it to anyone who will listen:

FRIENDS, THIS IS URGENT, please read what I’ve written…..
heart emoticon Help me draw attention to the red tape problem that is preventing my daughter from being admitted to the treatment program recommended for saving her life three weeks ago! heart emoticon #WMUR

Please contact NH State Senator Jeannie Forrester 
US Senator Kelly Ayotte:

Ask them to pay attention to this case. SHARE THIS POST WITH EVERYBODY YOU KNOW heart emoticon You may use the following sample email to construct your own, or as a base for conversation when you phone.

Dear Senator ___________,

There is a tragedy about to happen in Grafton County, NH. A bright, successful young woman, age 20, is dying and cannot get proper treatment because of BEACON, the facilitator for Medicaid contracts in the State of NH. Specifically, the talented young woman, Theresa Orlowski, is dying from the effects of starvation. She cannot hold down food because she suffers from an eating disorder known as bulimia. BEACON has had three weeks to provide the necessary authorizations and paperwork for Theresa to be admitted into the Cambridge Eating Disorder Clinic of Concord.

Monika Ostroff, director of the CEDC, has made heroic efforts to obtain the necessary items from BEACON, which has been giving the runaround while Theresa further declines daily, even hourly. With other insurers, the process with authorization takes 3 hours. With NH DHHS’s contracted facilitator, BEACON, Theresa’s life has been placed in a gamble of three weeks. She cannot hold out much longer.

Presently, Theresa is in the Emergency Department hooked to IVs for the second time in 5 days to stabilize her potassium levels and try to prevent her untimely death. The ER is not set up for longer treatment time, nor does it specialize in recovery for these with eating disorders. This young woman needs the care of a dedicated clinic such as CEDC in Concord.

Further, there are other NH young adults in this exact same deadly position. I’m fighting for awareness and action on behalf of Theresa and all those in danger of death who cannot get the necessary treatment because of red tape caused by #BEACON.
Please take whatever action you can to assist in this matter. The death of any New Hampshire young adult is always a tragedy – but those deaths which could have been prevented are a public statement that NH doesn’t treasure the gift of potential or the future. We want to send a different message – that the Granite State cares about its young adults, and ultimately, its future as a State that honors the dignity of life.


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Please pray and help!

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