Dear Mr. Trump: When Even Max Boot Says You’re a Fascist

Dear Mr. Trump: When Even Max Boot Says You’re a Fascist November 23, 2015

you’re a fascist.

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  • Re_Actor

    “I have sensed an expectation, a longing, a yearning for change, in people throughout the world. … Many people are hoping for a change capable of releasing them from the bondage of individualism and the despondency it spawns.”

    (“The real Satanist is not quite so easily recognized as such.” – Anton LaVey

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    I’m a little skeptical that Trump is smart enough or informed enough to even qualify as a fascist. He strikes me more as a rodeo clown.

    I’m less disturbed by his antics so much as I am disturbed by how many people seem to be jumping into his barrel.

  • One of the things about twitter is that authors are very accessible. I responded to the tweet as follows:

    @MaxBoot looking forward to your long form treatment where you prove the case.

    And I really do look forward to it because Max Boot generally isn’t sloppy about such things. That doesn’t relieve him of the burden of proving the charge. Thank you, Mark, for the link.

    • Sean W.

      I too would be interested in such a treatment. A major problem with calling people “fascist” is that fascism wasn’t around long enough (or in peaceful conditions long enough) to develop a coherent ideology. I recall one attempt by theorists to work out a logical fascist platform resulted in the total humiliation of its authors, even though its prescriptions wound up being exactly what was implemented (see the Boxheim affair). As a result, all kinds of people are declared “fascist” who didn’t seem to think of themselves as fascists, like Franco, on the basis of superficial similarities.

      So I’m open to a case being made but deeply suspicious as to how authoritative it can be, especially when the modern use of “fascist” more or less means “populist demagogue of whom I disapprove.”

      • That’s populist demagogue of whom I disapprove and you will too if you know what is good for you.

        It’s the implicit threat that really bugs me.

  • falstaff77

    If the plan is to find and denounce the fascists, try this group:

    27% of Democrats favor prosecuting those who don’t agree with global warming. – Rasmussen 2015.

    If fascism proves to have some difficult to define boundaries, how about the insane:

    35% of Democrats believe Bush new in advance about the 9/11 attacks. – Rasmussen 2007