Good News! We Can Now Visit the Embalmed Body of Jesus

Good News! We Can Now Visit the Embalmed Body of Jesus November 25, 2015

All you need is permission from the Vatican’s Double Super Secret Stuff Permissions Department and they will let you go see Jesus’ body, which is guarded by Muslims.

I’m really glad Francis is reforming this difficult process so that more ordinary Catholics, and not just bishops and cardinals, can go and pay their respects.  It’s so good that Some Guy With a Keyboard is alerting us to these Really True Facts that He Researched.

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  • Michael Boedi

    I am missing 2 minutes of my life.

    • Artevelde

      I have a ‘certain chemical, only known to me, a few elect and of course a few billion Muslims who have free access to all my secret knowledge’ that could help you restore those two minutes.

  • neoconned

    Just when I thought I’d heard everything….

  • Peter Calabrese

    On a lighter but similar note a few years ago a Holy Land travelogue article in the Buffalo News promoted visiting one church touted as being built over the site Christians believe to be the “final resting place of Jesus”.

  • PalaceGuard

    Oi freakin’ vey…

  • Artevelde

    There are no evil Jews in this story? Strange ..

  • Junebug Spade

    The world is going nut. Nuts I tell you.

    Did you ever think that Sungenis would take his geocentrism on the road to Texas?

    Well, he was down in Dallas trying to sell it to Baptists, Birthers, & Klansmen.

    And I thought this Mackdaddy jumped the shark last month!

  • James H, London

    Rarely do you see conspiracy and stupid come together in such cacophonous symphony. That was better than a Chick Tract!