I Can Never Again Know Happiness in This Life…

I Can Never Again Know Happiness in This Life… November 27, 2015

…without this:

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker

Dear The Internet: If you truly believe that Christmas is about the Spirit of Giving–and if  you do not want me to post the Star Wars Holiday Special–I am confident that you will respond to my threats pleas with alacrity. 🙂

The Dark Side: Helping Black Friday be as Black as possible.

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  • Lori


  • Marthe Lépine

    It is not that expensive. If I was not so broke right now, I would be the first to pledge about $10. Maybe if some 20 to 40 readers got together, they could purchase this on line and have it sent to Mark? How about it?

  • Paul

    I find your lack of maple syrup disturbing.

  • Michael Lynch

    We can’t repel gluten of that magnitude!

  • Tweck

    Post. The Holiday. Special. 😀 It should be required viewing each year. By law. Because it’s frickin’ awesome.