Behold the Shameless Plug of Shamelessness!

Behold the Shameless Plug of Shamelessness! December 17, 2015

Reader Matthew Schmidt writes:

Yo. I’m a new Catholic writer (and a long time reader (and share your initials!)) Since you’ve posted about other catholic-y stuff, I hope you don’t mind if I SHAMELESSLY PLUG my own works.

Prince Anak the Immortal is a young adult science fiction novella that’s actually suitable for young adults. (Only fake swearing, no sex, etc.) A young genetically-engineered prince faces a choice between his own continued immortality and doing the right thing. It’s the kind of young adult fiction I wish existed when I was younger, by which I mean thoughtful, emotionally complex, and beyond the mundane.

The API of the Gods, on the other end of the spectrum, is an action-packed novellete (not OK for young adults) A programmer who works for ineffable gods considers betraying them on a deadly mission. It isn’t explicitly Catholic, aside from a certain Eucharistic metaphor inside. Programmer fantasy fans out there will probably enjoy my unique take on programmatic magic.

Check thou them out.  Could be a good Christmas present for somebody you love!

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