Lovely to See More Converts!

Lovely to See More Converts! December 23, 2015

Just passed the 28th Anniversary of my own reception into the Church on December 20, 1987. Sherry Weddell and I were received at Sacred Heart Parish in the shadow of the Space Needle on the last Sunday of Advent. Seems like yesterday and a million years ago, and what a long strange trip it’s been. Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ!

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  • Warren Anderson

    Congratulations, Mr. Shea, from a fellow convert (Easter, 1985).

    Of 10 catechumens, I am the last one in my RCIA class to have survived, more or less intact, the 1980s “catechesis” at what I soon learned was a parish largely consisting of people (priest, nun and people) with serious authority issues, if you catch my drift.

    Were it not for a move soon after my reception to a parish with a holy priest and solidly Catholic parishioners—a single island of orthodoxy in what I soon realized was a sea (or is that ‘see’) of goofiness—I, too, would likely have drifted away for lack of authentic formation.

    Ad multos annos!

    (PS—Keep up the good work online!)

  • Paul Swagerty

    Congratulations. You have been such a formative part of my understanding of Catholicism that while I am sad to see you stop the regular blogging, I’m stunned at the “coincidences” that God creates. You see, my wife and I, along with our nine children were just received into the Church on December 20th. I am thrilled to be a part of the Church that Christ founded. And I’m happy that I get to share the day with you.