Meanwhile, in the Empire of Fear…

Meanwhile, in the Empire of Fear… December 17, 2015

a Texas school suspends a nine year old kid for terrorism for bring a One Ring to school.

A nation that actually trusted God would not spend all its time jumping at its own shadow and clutching guns like security blankets.

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  • Dave G.

    I’ve learned with this sort of story to reserve judgement. I’ll see FOX run something like this, how vile and wicked the school is, only later to find out that there was actually some other major part of the story missing. Since the site itself seems to approach the the people of Texas with the same objectivity one gets about Catholicism on Jack Chick’s blog, I’m willing to be skeptical. Especially since one side only was given the say, and then not even that side as much as the author’s interpretation of that side’s story. Not that this craziness doesn’t happen. But on a story by story basis I’ve become reluctant to jump in with torches and pitchforks until I know more.

    • iamlucky13

      It’s usually good practice that, when somebody displays overt bigotry towards large groups, such as an entire state of 28 million people with very diverse political, educational, religious, and ethnic backgrounds, you find another source for information to corroborate their claims.

      It’s also good practice and implicitly expected of us under the 8th commandment, that when your source of information has a clear bias that calls into question their account of the facts, you not commit hear-say by blithely promoting their account of the facts. For this reason, my practice is to avoid as much as possible linking to sources such as Fox News, MSNBC, or Vogue, much less Addicting Info, InfoWars, Mother Jones, The Drudge Report, etc.

      In the age of the internet, fortunately, it seldom takes more than a few seconds to find more credible sources.

      For stories like this, the local paper or TV station is usually the most reliable (and in fact, is usually who national outlets and bloggers syndicate, cite, or plagiarize as their source).

      In this case, the local newspaper says the suspension over the ring did happen, but it’s debated why. The parents say the student said he was going to make a classmate disappear. The school continued to say they could not comment on the basis of student privacy, but the father of the suspended student eventually gave the discipline notice he received to the media. It indicated that they believed the boy had threatened to strangle another student with the ring, which was not actually a finger ring, but a much larger magician’s ring.

      What actually happened? These more credible sources don’t allow us to be nearly as certain as the Addicting Info blogger was. Another article suggests the alleged death threat was made in the context of a playground argument about sharing the ring, and it doesn’t sound like any adults witnessed it. It’s entirely possible a 9 year old made a threat he didn’t appreciate the gravity of and would have merited discipline that would make it clear how inappropriate it is. It’s also possible he said something more innocuous and a classmate upset that he wouldn’t share the ring made it up to get back at him. It’s even possible the principal is the paranoid nutcase he’s made out to be, although it seems that acting on a personal dislike of the student is at least as much of a possibility if motives actually were wrongful

      By the way, I thought this case sounded really familiar, so I did a search:

      • Rebecca Fuentes

        Deja fume: I’ve seen this outrage before.

      • antigon


  • Pete the Greek

    But WAS it the One Ring? That’s the important fact that would explain this.

    • Michael Boedi

      If you hear the Nazguul, it’s too late.

      • Tom G

        If you hear the Nazgul, best pull out your laser sword. 😀

        • Greg

          as long as you set it on stun.