People Struggle to Define “Obscenity”

People Struggle to Define “Obscenity” December 9, 2015

I know it when I see it:

The only problem with this meme is that the figures are far too low:

Yetter’s family is among the 620,000 households that include at least one soldier, reservist or guardsman – or 25 percent of the nation’s total active duty and reserve personnel – that are seeking aid from food pantries and other charitable programs across the country, according to a rare inquiry about the food insecurity of troops and veterans conducted by Feeding America, a hunger relief charity, that will be released Monday. Another 2.37 million households including veterans receive assistance from food pantries that are part of Feeding America’s network (this figure doesn’t include households where both a former and current service member reside).

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  • I recall when the numbers on food stamps were higher. It’s been the topic of budget battles for years.

    The question is, what does plan A look like. You know, the non-obscene situation. Is a 4 year hitch in the infantry supposed to be a guarantee that for the rest of that person’s life, they will never fall into poverty no matter what? How are we supposed to do that? What does an economy look like that can support that level of expenditure? Problem statement is all well and good. Pointers as to proper end states and how to get from the present to that better future are worth a lot more.

    • Dave G.

      Something I noticed – and I’m no economist, so this is amateur observation – but it’s not as if we are in the middle of a booming economy and this is happening. I mean, I don’t go to the store any more that I don’t see people using food stamps. Half the people I know and work with are just getting by – if that. It’s not like prosperity is everywhere and we have the greatest economy, and only our veterans are suffering for it. Not that it’s good they are mind you. It’s just that they are suffering, and those they are protecting seem to be suffering along with them. Don’t know if that means anything in the long run, but I thought of my wife trying to find employment when she lost her job when I saw that picture. It wasn’t pretty, veteran or not.

    • MarylandBill

      Can we at least start with the people who are active duty military? It is nothing short of disgraceful that enlisted personal cannot support their families, especially when one considers the demands the military makes on them and their family. Also, if the soldier serves in combat, even for only a “4 year hitch”, I think they absolutely are entitled to a safety net that keeps them out of poverty. Those men and women have likely gone through more in those 4 years than the rest of us will experience in our lives and could very well be experiencing PTSD even if they suffered no injuries. If a country is willing to put its troops in harms way, it owes them more than it could ever really repay, but at least it should make sure that they or their families will have to live on the street.

      • There’s a limit to how much coke and hooker binges we owe our veterans. Poor choices happen and wearing the uniform doesn’t exempt them from human folly. Some people are always going to land on the left side of the bell curve. They get an extra break for their prior service in my book but an unlimited pass that exempts them from poverty no matter how foolish they behave? No. Sometimes money isn’t the answer, especially with addicts. Sometimes more money makes things worse.

        That being said, I was in favor of the GOP side on the last budget fight exactly on the “keep the troops off food stamps” issue so I agree that it’s a real thing that must continually be attended to.

        I don’t think that socialism works. That means that our socialist government pay system is always likely to be screwed up for the same reasons why the Soviets never got it right either. We have the advantage of a private sector that reduces the magnitude of the screw ups by making it easier for government to imitate the proper pay scale. But it’s still true that emergent market forces work better than a guy in a room dictating a pay chart.

  • Andy
    • iamlucky13

      Assuming those are monthly figures, the lowest grade works out to $8.92/hour, but I think that’s the figure for living on base, and there is a housing allowance that depends in part on family size if you live off base.

  • Art Deco

    I think the income thresholds to qualify for EBT cards is such that those eligible amount to north of 30% of the population. It’s not surprising that there are some soldiers in the lower ranks who qualify. Those notionally eligible for housing vouchers encompass a similar share of the populaiton, though these have long waiting lists.