Here’s another healthy and hopeful sign

Here’s another healthy and hopeful sign May 12, 2016

More and more, on both left and right, people are recognizing that it is time to smash culture war paradigms and think in new ways.

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  • Tina

    Sadly, not all on Patheos is Christian or polite. There is a person named David Armstrong who, as a contributor to Patheos, shows the ugly side of religion. He stated

    Dave Armstrong Mod onlein • 16 hours ago

    I think so, too. Catholics as a class are some of the dumbest voters in America.

    I post this as I hope to assure that those of us who are Catholic are aware of the hatred that some have towards us. While we may be aware of it, in general, we never expected to read such hate speech here on Patheos.

    (and yes, I have sent an email to the ‘contact us’ on Patheos, but I think this needs to be well known)

    • maddoxhightower

      Yeah, Dave Armstrong is the worst Patheos Blogger. He thinks that the Civil War was fought over states’ rights. A state’s right to what?

      • MT

        A state’s right to have slaves…

        • maddoxhightower

          We have a winner!

        • Tina

          exactly what I was going to post! While the bible has a number of references of caring slave owners, rational beings recognize the abject immorality of slavery.

          This is the first time that I have had any issue with posts or ‘bloggers’ on Patheos. Most (99%) of the opinion pieces are civil, well written, civil, presented with a faith-based viewpoint, civil, and worthy of being shared- oh… did I mention ‘civil’?

          I have yet to hear from the Patheos administrators- I find his writing to be unworthy of Patheos- maybe appropriate for rabid dog neo-conservative non-faith based forum, but not here.

          • The Civil War was indeed instigated to save slavery. Southern Democrats deliberately ensured that their party, the party of slavery, had two candidates on the ballot in each state, guaranteeing Lincoln the victory in the hopes that his election would precipitate a secession crisis. The tactic worked, but they did not count on Lincoln’s willingness to trample over accepted principles of federalism to keep his power.

            States’ rights (that is, the rights of State governments to be independent political entities rather than mere subjects of the Federal government) were a casualty, and a lot of subsidiarity succumbed when states’ rights died. This is how the Ninth and Tenth amendments to the Constitution were rendered as dead letters in American jurisprudence.

            It was entirely contrary to the intentions of the Founding Fathers, who intended for the Federal Government to be the servant of the State governments. Another thing that shows the Founding Fathers’ intent was that Senators were selected by State legislators, with intent that they would be beholden to their respective state governments and represent the interests of the governments of the states they represented.

    • Artevelde

      Backbiting. Sin.

  • MT

    Mark, have you read William Cavanaugh “Migrations of the Holy”? I think it’s a very important book for our current situation that all Catholics need to read and grapple with. The basic premise of the book is that the idea that the modern nation state being irreligious is false, and the reality is that the state as an absolutizing entity has taken over religion and has become a type of idolatry.

    It makes sense why Catholics that practice their faith have always been distrusted, and will always be distrusted under the current Constitution. American nationalists know that true Catholics with not accept the state as above the Church, and thus they can’t be trusted to always accept what the state says they must do.