Help Life Matters Journal Uphold a Consistent Ethic of Life!

Help Life Matters Journal Uphold a Consistent Ethic of Life! June 28, 2016

Help Life Matters Journal work with all people of good will to promote a Consistent Ethic of Life!

Life Matters Journal is making waves in Summer
Rosemary went to the largest gathering of atheist/non-religious people in the US at Reason Rally 2016 and brought a pro-life witness to her fellow atheists. Then all three of us went to Harrisburg to be a Consistent Life Ethic witness for a pro-life culture in a pro-life rally in support of PA HB1948. Margaret has been a pro-life witness outside of a Hillary rally, speaking truth to power. We all have great projects in development for further education in addition to our outreach. Help make all of this and more possible!
Donate $15, $30, $50, or more to help us reach a wider audience with the Consistent Life Ethic this Summer!

One of my favorite prolife placards was from Atheists for Life: “For the Embryology Textbook Tells Me So”.  Prolife people have science on their side in this argument.  “Is there a human genome?  Is it alive and developing toward adulthood?”  It’s pro-abortion arguments that get bogged down in mystical mumbo-jumbo about ensoulment and fine parsing of biblical and medieval speculations about the 40th day and all.  Thomas did the best he could with the science of the 13th century.  But we know rather more now.  Nancy Pelosi just embarrasses herself when she drags Thomas and Augustine kicking and screaming to support a position they on no way, shape, or form ever would have supported, all while appealing to a scientific model of reproduction that went out with the four humors, geocentrism, and the theory of homunculi.

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