I just really love this!

I just really love this! June 11, 2016

The Babylon Bee (satire) reports that 37% of Evangelical prayer time spent saying the word “just”.

Oh. So. True. Brings back memories of a favorite cartoon in The Wittenburg Door, another Evangelical satire magazine. A young man is hunched over in earnest prayer, eyes clenched shut, praying, “Lord, I just really want to come before you and just really pray, Lord, that you would just really remove the words ‘just’ and ‘really’ from my prayer life!”

One of the things I realized in becoming Catholic was that we Evangelicals, who criticized the rote liturgical language of Catholics, had our own rote liturgical language.  It was just more impoverished than Catholic rote liturgical language.

"Light humor.Just because you think/say you are something doesn't make it true."

On gays in the Church
"No True Scotsman. ^Wow, didn't see that one coming.^"

On gays in the Church
"Fake followers of Christ can call themselves followers, but that doesn't *make* them followers.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ti4..."

On gays in the Church
"Nonsense!Supporting one side and ignoring the other is what is a distortion of Catholic teaching."

That feeling of dread…

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