A Person You Flee at Parties

A Person You Flee at Parties June 11, 2016

David Bentley Hart had Trump’s number in 2011 in an article is about literary portrayals of the Devil. It ends thus:

“How obvious it seems to me now. Cold, grasping, bleak, graceless, and dull; unctuous, sleek, pitiless, and crass; a pallid vulgarian floating through life on clouds of acrid cologne and trailed by a vanguard of fawning divorce lawyers, the devil is probably eerily similar to Donald Trump—though perhaps just a little nicer.”

Only the massive knack for utter and total wrongness that is now the characteristic trait of the GOP could possibly have sifted through 300 million Americans and settled on this man as the expression of its heart and soul.  May he destroy it root and branch and rid the Republic of it folly–and himself–as a political force for good and all.

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