Where’s the beef?

Where’s the beef? November 3, 2016

Reader Jenn Morson Frederick asks an obvious question of those spreading the delusion that Trump is a super-sincere convert to the prolife position:

food for thought as next tuesday approaches:

i have friends who are voting trump, with much reservation, bc they think it’s necessary for the sake of the unborn. they don’t like it and aren’t happy about it.

so i ask this, of those specific friends: since trump has no political record, do we not judge his intentions on his business record? we know he claims to have converted to the prolife cause. before that, millions were given to planned parenthood.

since? he’s allegedly a billionaire several times over. where are his donations to prolife organizations? the crisis pregnancy centers he’s built? the ultrasound machines he has donated to help women see their babies and choose life?

they don’t exist. this is the evidence of trump’s commitment to the unborn.

Dear Trump Supporter: Look, all I ask is that you stop lying to me that Trump cares about the unborn.  He doesn’t.  And Jenn just showed you why.

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