A committed, prolife Catholic reader makes the following points

A committed, prolife Catholic reader makes the following points November 4, 2016

She writes:

Practically every argument a pro-life Christian has made in defense of voting for Trump can be made about Hillary Clinton (and, in her case, more credibly).

—”We’re not voting for pope!” Indeed. And we have, on the one hand, a serial adulterer, possibly a child rapist, a pathological liar, a business cheat, etc, whose never held public office or engaged in public service in his life. On the other, we have a woman who has spent her adult life in public service, held high public office, has been married only once and faithful to her marriage vows, who is praised by political enemies, and remembered fondly by people she knows going back to earliest childhood.

—”He might keep his word!” Or, he might not. We certainly have reason to believe Hillary will keep her word—thereby making it possible to work with (and around, when necessary) a known quantity. There was a time when we thought dealing with “the devil we know” was the safer option.

—”He’ll owe those who got him elected!” And since when has Trump honored his debts? But we do see Hillary reaching out to her political opponents over and over during this election. If they are responsible for putting her in office to keep out Trump, she’ll owe them too. And she has a record, verified by political opponents when she was in the Senate, of working with those across the aisle.

One of the many things you are Not Supposed to Say in Real Catholic circles in this mad election year.

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