Just got a call from Students for Life

Just got a call from Students for Life June 3, 2016

Told them I’d be delighted to donate to them and specifically asked that it be made known to whoever is running the show there that I am busting my buttons with pride at them refusing to whore themselves out to Donald Trump, unlike so many other “prolife” leaders and organizations.  If you’d like to donate to them as well and give them a word of encouragement, go here.

While you’re at it, please support Life Matters Journal, another advocate of an authentic Whole Life Catholic ethic that supports protection of human life from conception to natural death, not fighting the Church on behalf of GOP culture of death priorities and using the unborn as human shields to do it.

And if you get a call from any pol or organization that has prostituted itself to Donald Trump, tell them you gave the money they might have gotten to these fine organizations instead.

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