The basic difference between me and the “prolife” movement…

The basic difference between me and the “prolife” movement… July 9, 2019

…is that they want to outlaw abortion.

I want to end it.

What’s that mean?

It means, among other things that I want to do things that will actually reduce the rate of abortion, while much of the prolife movement is hell bent for leather on doing symbolic crap that makes them feel good while actually increasing the rate of abortion.

So, for instance, when somebody who is actually prolife reads that the beloved gag rule is linked to a 40% increase in abortion, we think, “That’s counter-productive.  We should do something else that will lower the rate of abortion.”

In contrast, the Right Wing Ideologue thinks, “That makes the GOP look bad and stupid.  We should reply, ‘The Democrats are the Party of Death!’ and deflect, obstruct, obfuscate, and stay the course.  Because admitting error is weakness.”

This is what moral theologians call “stupid.”  Are you trying to save lives or save the GOP?

For most of the leadership of the Prolife Movement, the answer is very clearly “Save the GOP”.  It is summed up in the sacrificial offering of a dead baby on a desecrated altar of our Lord Jesus Christ presided over by High Priest of the Cult of Trump, Fr. Frank Pavone.  The goal is not to save the lives of the unborn, but to save the political fortunes of the Cult of Trump.  So stay the course even if it’s stupid.

So they press on with the lie that Real Soon Now, the Court (which just–again–avoided doing anything about Roe) is going to overturn Roe.

Meanwhile, any attempt to address the question of demand is avoided or denounced as “socialism”.  Because the point is not to actually take responsibility for helping to save lives, but to punish women for such crimes as being black and shot while pregnant, even if that punishment is counter-productive.  Above all, it is to demand of non-Christians the moral fruit of a Christian culture while providing zero witness to a living faith in the Christ who is the only hope of producing such fruits.  And, of course, it is to make war on all those Christian fruits that don’t fit in with the whittled-down and truncated white Christianist parody of the gospel.


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