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Please Help Life Matters Journal November 28, 2016

Aimee Christine Murphy of Life Matters Journal writes:

We Made Massive Waves This Summer!
Please help us make “March for Life Season” magnificent

This Summer, our team went all over the U.S. spreading the Consistent Life Ethic: Dallas for the Pro-Life Women’s Conference, DC for our Reason Rally outreach, Cleveland for our RNC outreach, Philadelphia for the DNC outreach, and back to DC for a CLE presence at the Supreme Court when Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt was handed down. We have been featured in more than 30 news pieces in this year alone, with many of them quite complementary of our work. Take this article featured on the front page of the very liberal Slate Magazine: “The New Culture of Life” shines a very complementary light on our work and philosophy at Life Matters Journal.

Because of generous donors who made our trips to these events possible, we were able to share the Consistent Life Ethic with mainstream media organizations like Cosmopolitan, Vox, Slate, Reuters, RollCall, CSPAN, and the NYTimes. And of course, we spoke with hundreds upon hundreds of protesters, delegates, and regular ol’ Joe Schmoes who had never even heard of the CLE, many of whom proclaimed that “it is just so common sense to think killing humans is wrong.” We know that more than ever, in this divisive and hyper-partisan climate, our consistent message of human rights for all human beings is really resonating. And one of my friends at a major pro-life organization has told me time and again, Now is the Consistent Life Ethic moment!”

So we have our big Winter outreach opportunities coming up: we have the Walk for Life in San Francisco, the National March for Life in DC, the Chicago March for Life, and the El Paso March for Life too! January is such a busy month for us and we have to make sure we are prepared with all the materials we need to be able to effectively share the message for human life and dignity.
Can you help us?

Here are the line items we need to make March for Life season magnificent:

  1. Tabling fees for conferences – TOTAL: $1,525
    We need to be at these events to reach our target youth audience!
    A. SFLA West Coast Conference: $400
    B. Geaux Forth Youth Conference: $175
    C. Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life: $200
    D. March for Life Expo: $750
  2. Costs for free promo materials – TOTAL: $1,073
    We need free materials to give out so people will stay connected to us!
    A. 1000 “What is the Consistent Life Ethic?” pamphlets: $75
    B. 300 “Why Liberals/Conservatives/Libertarians Should Be CLE” pamphlets: $25
    C. 300 Magazine sample issues: $400
    D. 1000 Consistent Life Ethic Stickers: $117
    E. 250 “Be a Hero” Pregnancy Help Pamphlets: $73
    F. 200 double-sided signs for use at the various marches: $320
    G. Super-secret free item for a super-secret event: $63
  3. Travel expenses for the team – TOTAL: $879
    We need to get there, with materials, to be able to share the message!
    A. Hotel costs for DC: $281
    B. Hotel costs for SF: $278
    C. Shipping/Baggage fees for materials: $200
    D. Gas costs: $120

So now that you know all that we need to share the Consistent Life Ethic message even further, can you pitch in $25, $50, $100, or even $500 to help us make out Winter outreach a reality? Donate now!

However you can help, thank you for your ongoing support for our consistently pro-life efforts to create a culture of peace. We are confident that our voice is needed now, more than ever — and that our Consistent Life Ethic witness will have a deeply profound impact on the future of our nation and our world.

From the bottom of my heart: thank you, thank you, thank you,

Aimee Murphy
Executive Director, Life Matters Journal

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