Pope attacks our “brazen” gun obsession

Pope attacks our “brazen” gun obsession June 16, 2016

The man has guts. And, of course, he’s perfectly right. This is a spiritual stronghold that needs to be smashed by the power of the Holy Spirit. I plan to pray against it at every Mass.

This again is a demonstration of how abandonment of the Church’s Whole Life ethic and slavery to right wing culture war five non-negotiables model infallibly results in abandonment of the unborn. For, of course, now “prolife” zealots for gun idolatry will have to devote all their time and energy to defeating Francis and the USCCB on their calls for sanity with our gun regime, not to defeating abortion. Yet again, the unborn will be trotted out as human shields for yet another GOP culture of death priority.

If you simply agree with the Pope and the American bishops that, obviously, a change to our gun regime is necessary (beginning with the common sense fact that our NRA-owned Congress needs to authorize the CDC to study the problem instead keep the slaughter shrouded in darkness), then you don’t have to waste all your time battling the Church to maintain our slaughter rate and you can devote your energy and time to protection of human life from conception to natural death–which you claim to care about. If you make war on the Pope’s deeply Catholic and sane point then you are making war on, you know, Catholicism and sanity. And, of course, you are making clear that, given a choice between the Church’s guidance and GOP Culture of Death priorities, you choose the latter.

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