Today on Connecting the Dots

Today on Connecting the Dots June 3, 2016

We’ll be discussing the fact that a number of people are saying that images like this…

promote violence against women.

I don’t buy this. It’s an action/adventure movie in which the entire premise is built around a villain inflicting violence and heroes (of which Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique is the strongest and most competent leader) fighting back. Of *course* you are going to show the heroes threatened in some way by the Big Bad. It’s why Darth Vader’s image looms over the heroes in Star Wars ads and why the Ring or the Lidless Eye forms the backdrop to the whole Fellowship. This is simply sensible dramatic staging, not some kind of clarion call to beat up women.

Hopefully, Steven Greydanus will disagree with me and we can have a good argument on today’s Connecting the Dots when it airs live at 5 PM Eastern.  If you want to argument with me too, give us a call or text us at 1-573-4BREAD4 or tweet us @breadboxmedia.

We’ll also be talking about Alice Through the Looking Glass, the Three Ages of Pixar and Steve’s ordination to the diaconate TOMORROW!  Your prayers for this good man as he offers himself in service to our Lord will be appreciated!

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