3 of 64 Human Sacrifices to the Gun Cult Last Weekend

3 of 64 Human Sacrifices to the Gun Cult Last Weekend July 5, 2016

were children.

At this point, it always customary to jeer that Chicago has tight gun laws while avoiding the fact that it is still super-easy to acquire guns outside Chicago. The goal, forever, is to make sure that nothing ever changes to prevent the perfectly predictable and completely preventable slaughter of 33,000 human beings each year.

The Catholic Church, being actually prolife, has recommendations for, you know, *doing* something about are staggering gun slaughter rate. Those who *really* believe that abortion is the great moral issue of our time don’t burn any calories fighting the Church on the common sense fact that our gun slaughter rate is obviously related to the same contempt for life that fuels our culture of abortion. They simply say, “Amen” to the Church’s consistent ethic of life and bless those trying to lower the gun violence rate as well as the abortion rate.

Those who cynically use the unborn as human shields for the defense of Right Wing Culture of Death priorities ignore the fight against abortion and divert huge amounts of time and energy to battling the Church’s teaching on gun violence and making sure a fresh harvest of 33,000 dead will be offered to the Gun Cult by 12/31/16.

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