Dems Get Out Ahead of their Leader…

Dems Get Out Ahead of their Leader… July 11, 2016

and call for an end to the death penalty Clinton favors.

It will be interesting to see if Clinton, our strongest Republican candidate capitulates to her party and does the right thing or if she sticks with her husband’s strategy of offering human sacrifices to the Right Wing Culture of Death (you know, the one that says “All Lives Matter”).

The other interesting thing will be to see how many people who say “All Lives Matter” and proclaim themselves to be “faithful non-cafeteria Catholics” will be happy to see the Dems advocating for the abolition of the death penalty as the Church does, and how many will be upset at the Church for advocating the same thing the Democrats do.

My own position is obvious: just listen to the Church and be glad when somebody agrees with her whether they are Democrat, Republican, or Vermin Supreme.


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