This entirely civil and Christian video

This entirely civil and Christian video July 8, 2016

…is without any possible comparison the most searing indictment of white privilege I can imagine:

My friend Kristine Franklin writes:

Watch and weep. White friends – did ANYONE ever have to teach you how to LIVE THROUGH an encounter with police? I’ve been stopped and was unafraid. I didn’t have to know these rules. THIS IS CALLED WHITE PRIVILEGE. We went through this training when we tried to adopt – how to teach your black son to stay alive. Lord, have Mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord, have mercy. Heal us. Pray for the souls of the fallen, black and white. Pray for those who grieve, black and white. Pray.

This video is not about how Christian people behave as good citizens. This video is about how Christian people behave as subjects of an oppressive regime that threatens their lives and the lives of their loved ones on a daily basis. It is all to their credit that they speak with such charity and dignity. But it is testimony, given in love and peace, that fills me with the shame a pagan Roman felt witnessing the grace and courage of Christian martyrs in the arena. It is testament to a huge stain on the honor of our nation that must be cleansed by repentance, return to Christ, and hard work.

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