A lovely poem of gratitude

A lovely poem of gratitude August 4, 2016


Michael Creagan

When we are invited to a banquet, we take what is set before us; and were one to call upon his host to set fish upon the table or sweet things, he would be deemed absurd.  Yet we ask the Gods for what they do not give, though they have given us so many things.  – Epictetus


Thank you for the universe, the world,

For earth and water, fire and fresh air,

For sunlight and the night sky full of stars,

The million-petalled flower of being here,

For music that reflects time in its mirror,

Silence, darkness, rest and sleep, and dreams,

Wind and rain, forgetting and forgiveness,

The love that holds together all there is.


I might have wanted something else, of course,

But tell me how I could have asked for this.

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