God does not need your lie

God does not need your lie August 29, 2016

Some people, who think themselves wiser than the Church, invent lies and put them on the lips of saints in order to strong arm innocent Catholics into knuckling under to their personal fetishes.  One of those lies is this:

Image result for mother teresa communion in the hand

Yeah.  Here’s the thing.  She never said that.  In fact, here’s how much she never said that:

You know what really makes God sad?  People who tell lies about him and bring the Faith into disrepute.  It also saddens the Missionaries of Charity who refute and reject this lie.

If communion in the hand is your thing, knock yourself out.  But do not try to muscle innocent people into feeling guilty for disobeying no precept of holy Church and do not drag a holy saint into beating up innocent people with shame and guilt.


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