Up till now the only rhetorical tools of the Party of Trump…

Up till now the only rhetorical tools of the Party of Trump… May 16, 2017

…have been the Genetic Fallacy (“What?  You believe that extremely well-documented fact?  But its reported by somebody the Dear Leader declares to be ritually impure!”) and the “Tu Quoque” (“But Hillary/Obama/some other Culture War enemy did it too, or something that is kind of like it if you stand on one foot, tilt your head and squint!”)

Now the Trump apologist has a new tool: the Ad Baculum or Argument from the Big Stick.  “He did because he has the *power* to do it and that’s all that matters.”  It can cover every dumbass thing this irresponsible con man and crook does from giving away state secrets in a fit of braggadoccio to launching nukes in retaliation for insulting his tiny, tiny hands.  As long as he technically has the power to do it, there can be no question about whether he is right to do it.

Trump-defending Liars for Jesus will say anything to defend their infallible pride.  When you’ve lied yourself into believing that God Almighty told you how to vote and that it was not just your fallible human judgment, you can’t back down from that, no matter what.

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