I love the passive aggression of Life Site News

I love the passive aggression of Life Site News September 9, 2016

Here’s the headline, pretending to “just ask questions”:

Is the $91 million Obama refugee grant to the USCCB tied to bishops’ silence on Hillary?

And here’s the URL, making the naked accusation: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/follow-the-usccb-money-trail-to-understand-bishops-silence-on-hillary

This is what happens when you forget to change the URL after you’ve edited the headline to avoid libel charges.

By the way, $200 million? Not really a whole lot of money. Per state- only 4 million. Per US citizen? Less than a dollar per person. Its 20 dollars per illegal alien, which are mostly Catholic. This is a Panic du Jour to gin up an audience who does not get how little $200 million is.

Fascinating to watch a Catholic newspaper get on board Trump’s anti-Catholic Nativist train and smear the Church while using The Babies[TM] as human shields. This is Applied Alt Right Racist Theology from a paper that is *supposed* be devoting its time and energy to fighting abortion but is actually regurgitating the Trump campaign’s anti-Catholic nativist lies.

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