On the Air at 5 PM Eastern with Charles Camosy on

On the Air at 5 PM Eastern with Charles Camosy on October 6, 2016

Connecting the Dots.

Today, Doug O’Brien and I will be gabbing with Charlie Camosy, author of Beyond the Abortion Wars: A Way Forward for a New Generation, which was a 2015 award-winner with the Catholic Media Association.

Charlie Camosy is Associate Professor of Theological and Social Ethics at Fordham University, where he has taught since finishing his PhD in theology at Notre Dame in 2008. Among other places, his published articles have appeared in the American Journal of Bioethics, the Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, the Journal of the Catholic Health Association, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Daily News and America magazine. In addition to Beyond the Abortion Wars, he is the author of Too Expensive to Treat? (Eerdmans) was a 2011 award-winner with the Catholic Media Association, Peter Singer and Christian Ethics (Cambridge) was named a 2012 “best book” with ABC Religion and Ethics, and For Love of Animals (Franciscan) was featured in the “Beliefs” section of the New York Times. In addition to advising the Faith Outreach office of the Humane Society of the United States, Camosy received the Robert Bryne award from the Fordham Respect Life Club, and was also selected for the international working group “Contending Modernities” which attempts to bring secular liberalism, Catholicism, and Islam into dialogue about bioethics. He is the founder of the Catholic Conversation Project, serves on the board of Democrats for Life, and advises the ethics committee of the Children’s Hospital of New York.

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