Dear Dan Miller, Director of Prolife Wisconsin

Dear Dan Miller, Director of Prolife Wisconsin December 29, 2016

God’s Name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.

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This is the ugly face of “prolife” Christianity in the tank for Trump.  This is the ambient noise that is everywhere emitted by the Christian Trump supporter.  This is the kind of filth the Christian “prolife” Trump supporter will be spewing for the next four years.  And when it is all done, it will have completely destroyed the credibility of the Old Prolife Movement by such vile tactics.  Indeed, men like Miller are already dancing on the cinders.  Because it is no longer about defending the unborn.  It is about defending Trump, its own catastrophic choice to back him, and whatever culture of death priorities the Party of Trump advocates, including mocking the death of a culture war enemy on the day that enemy’s beloved mother literally died of grief.

The hell with that shit.

The New Prolife Movement is much simpler: defend human life from conception to natural death.  Also, do not tempt the wrath of God Almighty by gloating over a culture war enemy’s death on the day her mother, beloved by millions of people, dies of a broken heart.


Prolife Wisconsin:  Miller has quietly taken the post down off his Facebook page.  But it has already gone viral.  If the sun sets and this guy has not issued an apology and still has a job, your credibility is gone for good.

And, by the way, the other distinguishing feature of the OPLM vs. NPLM is that the former sees attacks on this meme and its promoter as “discrediting the Prolife movement” while the latter knows that the meme and its promoter are the ones discrediting the Prolife Movement.  We want the Prolife Movement to succeed.  Filth like this only ensures its failure.

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