What Trump Actually Accomplished in Singapore

What Trump Actually Accomplished in Singapore June 18, 2018

As you knew would happen, the Cult of Trump is hailing his meeting with Kim Jong Un as a triumph of biblical proportions and announcing Peace in Our Time. The Cult of Trump has already forged one nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize and gotten caught. Now a couple of far right Norwegian pols have nominated him again. And Trump, of course, is ballyhooing his genius and declaring that “there is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea.”

Let’s be clear: If he right, then hand him the Nobel Peace Prize.  Unlike Obama–who basically won the You’re Not Bush 43 and That’s Good Enough for Us Prize (which even he thought was weird)–actually ending the nuclear threat from North Korea really will be worth celebrating and you can put me in the front row with the champagne bottle to pop the cork and cheer.

If that has actually been achieved.

But in fact, nothing at all verifiably like that has been achieved except in the lying mouth of Sean Hannity, serving the lying mouth of Donald Trump taking the word of the lying mouth of Kim Jong Un. The incredibly-still-employed-by-FOX Shepard Smith corrects Hannity’s lying mouth:

Here is Smith’s full and quite accurate autopsy:

So: All Trump has actually achieved in the real world of concrete action is to legitimate a monster in the eyes of the suckers who watch Hannity:

“He’s got a very good personality, he’s funny, and he’s very, very smart,” Trump said of Kim in the interview that aired Tuesday night. “He’s a great negotiator, and he’s a very strategic kind of a guy.”

Trump, without a single verifiable concession from Kim declared that the man presiding over the worst human rights regime on the planet “loves his people“.  Trump betrayed the millions of victims of that regime.  More than that, he again taught”prolife” Christianists to applaud a lying moron who just completely betrayed their supposed opposition to forced abortion, and to settle for nothing more than the word of a man who lies, if possible, more than he does.

And in exchange, Trump blind-sided both the Pentagon and our allies the South Koreans by calling our military exercises “provocative” to poor Kim.  This on the heels of spitting in the faces of our allies at G-7.

He even created a propaganda video for Kim that reporters were shocked and surprised to discover was not created by the North Korean government.

That’s it. That’s all. No plans to verify a thing. Just take Kim’s word for it.

Even Trump recognizes that he may have to start making excuses for his failure soon.

Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh teamed up with Hannity, Ingraham, Gorka and Pirro to explain that Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia. Yes, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the Right Wing Noise Machine, once worshippers of St. Ronaldus Magnus, Anti-Communist Supreme, are now instructing the mindless faithful that if you criticize this champion ass-kisser of tyrants and enemies of democracy, you are un-American haters. Trump’s ability to corrupt everything he touches is astonishing.

So we now live in time when the apparently now-agreed-upon Right Wing Noise Machine lie is “If you fail to praise the Dear Leader’s legitimizing of the worst human rights regime on the planet as ‘loving his people’ and his uncritical acceptance of Kim’s worthless lying word with no plan for verification, then you just want nuclear war and you hate peace.

I cannot believe I am living in a time when the Party of Ronald Reagan is cheering for this lying spew and conservative Catholics are excusing it while spending their time attacking the Pope as a Commie.

These were–I am not making this up–back-to-back tweets from John Zmirak.

It’s like there was an accident at CERN and some kind of bizarro alternative timeline wormhole must have been opened somewhere.

Had Hillary Clinton been elected and praised a dictator who forces women to have abortions and who feeds his prisoners to dogs, the freak show that was once the prolife movement would have condemned her for lying that Kim Jong Un “really loves his people” and would have denounced her as a disgrace.

They would have been right.

But since it is Trump saying these things, the Freak Show of the prolife movement, having consecrated itself to sacrilege of the Eucharist when Fr. Frank Pavone desecrated an altar in order to stump for Donald Trump, now completes its betrayal of its mission by praising filthy lies in defense of a monster–and in exchange for nothing but wind.

And the programming is downloading smoothly into the brains of the True Believer sucking at the teat of the Right Wing Noise Machine. One of my readers, a “prolife” white conservative Catholic wrote this incredibly typical defense of Trump’s indefensible lies on behalf of a monster:

“What part was a lie? Is Kim not funny? Is he not smart? Is not a great negotiator? Or are you saying that because crimes were committed in NK prisons, that he does not love his people? Can he not love the NK people in general and crimes (by international, not NK standards) be committed in his prisons?”

It’s a good thing so much massive energy was put into terrified microanalysis of a footnote in Amoris Laetitia and the authoritarian brutality of Pope Francis toward Real Catholics[TM]. It totally prepared the white American Conservative Catholic to speak out against religious persecution in NoKo and hold Trump accountable for lying in defense of a butcher.

Good job, guys. You’ve killed the Old Prolife Movement and showed why it needed to die, all in one fell swoop.

God bless the New Prolife Movement and guard it from prostitution to mere earthly power.

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