Interviewed Immigration Attorney Mitzi Hellmer…

Interviewed Immigration Attorney Mitzi Hellmer… June 18, 2018

… on Connecting the Dots, to discuss Trump’s grossly immoral policy of kidnapping children at the border and holding them hostage to get his border wall funded:

Here is What You Can Do Right Now to Help Fight the Family Separation Policy.

Also, you can go here for resources and guidance.

Here’s another organization looking for volunteers (more appropriate for lawyers, paralegals, and Spanish-speakers capable of serving as interpreters).

Also, learn the facts. The Trump Administration is flat out lying that this policy of ripping kids from their mothers’ arms is the fault of the Democrats. No. It was instituted by Trump in April after he lost the power to use DACA kids as hostages in March. Stephen Miller is bragging that he pushed for it and got it.

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