“There is no Right Wing Equivalent to Political Correctness”

“There is no Right Wing Equivalent to Political Correctness” December 13, 2016

Sorry, NR.  I can’t hear you over the sound of Breitbart Alt Right Trump supporters trying to destroy Kellogg’s for not wanting advertise with them,  Trump trying to destroy Starbucks for their imaginary “War on Christmas” (and right wingers freaking out at harried clerks for saying “Happy Holidays“), conservative screams to fire Colin Kaepernick for insufficient flag piety,  and a mob of Good Conservative Catholics trying to ruin the livelihood of a perfectly orthodox mother of 10 for failing to render a pinch of incense to a thrice-divorced abortion supporter who mocks POWs, punishes infants with cerebral palsy in spats over Daddy’s money, and spit in the faces of Gold Star families.

The Party of Trump has adopted the ugliest and stupidest speech code habits of the Left.  You guys don’t get to pretend you don’t do this.  You are now the leaders in doing this.

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