Well done, First Things

Well done, First Things January 8, 2015

Rusty Reno delivers a richly deserved spanking to Maureen Mullarkey for her contemptible screed against Pope Francis.

Meanwhile, I am informed that somebody or other is demanding I be punished in some way or other for my criticism of Mullarkey. Apparently another petition or something is trying to get some steam to Stop Shea. Don’t know who is behind it. Don’t care. It’s all been done before. It turns out that not that many people especially care what I think, which is, you know, sane.

However, what I get on my knees and thank God for is that even my craziest and bitterest enemies, being marinated in a Christian and American tradition of free speech, are not calling for me to be murdered, my house firebombed, and my family beheaded, as so routinely occurs in the House of Submission. The idea is laughable. That is one of the great gifts of our Christian civilization of free speech. As is my ability to say to the people who hate my living guts, “Knock yourself out. If you’d like, send me a link to your petition and I’ll plug it for you on the blog. I must be stopped!”

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