My kinda guy!

My kinda guy! January 8, 2015

More men like this guy.

"Thank you for your reply. I haven’t read at your links yet but will do ..."

Right now is the Greatest Persecution ..."
"Holy Cow! Stated as an apology while throwing most vile hatred. And saying you will ..."

I think I need to repent ..."
"I googled it. here are some links:http://www.therealpresence....https://media.ascensionpres...There's probably better sources but those were the first ..."

Right now is the Greatest Persecution ..."
"Hey! I just talked to a "good therapist". Don't knock it till you've tried it. ..."

Right now is the Greatest Persecution ..."

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  • Henry

    I think I just got diabetes. Why do people feel the need to share every moment of things their lives. Are we going to get an update in five years if things are no longer lovey-dovey.? Will they post their divorce proceedings on YouTube?