Split Brain Rhetoric

Split Brain Rhetoric December 23, 2014

Demographic winter will destroy us all! We Christians must start breeding again or the Muslims will take over and impose shariah on us all!

Brown Catholic people coming to our country and becoming integrated in our economy as hard workers will destroy us all!  We cannot bear the burden because overpopulation of the wrong kind of Christian will destroy us all!

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  • IRVCath

    It should not surprise us that the progenitor of a lot of today’s opposition to our Spanish-speaking minorities was someone who feared the influx of Catholics, because in part of our views on abortion and contraception.

    What is risible is that too many Catholics have bought it hook, line and sinker.

    • Charlie

      Exactly. Margaret Sanger (the Racist founder of Planned Parenthood in 1916) was notoriously Anti-Catholic as were many promoters of Eugenics, Abortion, Artificial Contraception, Social Darwinism, Nativism, Anti-Irish/Poles/Italians. Chesterton bravely fought against those sick ideologies as did other faithful Catholics.
      The question is: will today’s (American) Catholics support Republican/”conservative” ideology, or the Catholic Church & her teachings? Sometimes, I think many Catholics care more about the GOP than the Church.

      • IRVCath

        I wasn’t talking about Sanger, though the fact that the progenitor’s rhetoric is Sangerite should give us pause.

        The trouble is it’s not only the Pelosis of the world who sold out their Faith in an overweening attempt to assimilate. The Right as well as the Left went too far in assmilation.

      • Billy Bean

        I can remember, not so long ago, being concerned that American Catholics seemed to care more about being loyal Democrats than faithful Catholics. What a difference a few decades of failed liberal policies can make…

        • IRVCath

          Either is a bad thing. Chalk it up to an excessive desire to assimilate.

  • ivan_the_mad

    I’ve never been able to fathom the argument that we mustn’t permit either entry or residence to the vast majority of the 12mn illegals in this country because it will depress wages, when the argument is made by those nominally opposed to abortion. If 12mn will depress wages, whatever would those 56mn aborted babies do to the economy, had their lives been miraculously spared?

    Time to think with the Church, and view people as ends in themselves.

    • David Naas

      Not to mention the argument in “Freakonomics” that all the abortions of the ’70’s prevented the (predicted) crime wave of the ’90’s.
      One can always find a practical, worldly excuse to do evil.

      • IRVCath

        It may very well have done so. Doesn’t make it any less immoral.

        • Alma Peregrina

          Doesn’t make it any less stupid as an argument. Alternative history arguments aren’t provable, so they serve only as idle speculations for entertainment purposes. They should never be used to guide political decisions.

        • David Naas

          Unfortunately, the authors of *Freakonomics* may have confused correlation with causation, since (by other evidence) their prejudice was in favor of abortion in any event.
          Ever since The Garden, humans have had no trouble finding (scientific) justification for doing what they know is wrong.

          • IRVCath

            Even if, though, it’s basically saying that killing off the weak and the poor of society is justified if it means the upper classes can get yet another Tesla car.

            • David Naas

              Of course.
              What’s a Tesla car?

    • Alma Peregrina

      As someone who has tried to point that out to conservatives in the past, I can understand what you say. How the mind can compartmentalize itself to accomodate its pet ideology is baffling.

  • MarylandBill

    It is unfortunately the normal history of the United States is that those who are already here feel that they have to prevent anyone else from coming in. I would be more sympathetic to the arguments about controlling our border if they were accompanied with real practical solutions to allow a much larger pool of immigrants to legally gain entry into the United States. Any plan that starts with the suggestion that 12 million people must leave the United States is obviously meant to simply keep foreigners out (especially those who threaten our white privilege).

  • Matt

    Wow. The liberals are responsible for the deaths of 2 officers and are already back to race baiting.

    • brian_in_brooklyn

      Wow, two police officers dead and you see no problem with using those deaths to score cheap political points against those “damn libruls!”

    • Andy

      ACtually it was a mentally ill human being who killed the two police officers – not liberals, not conservatives, a person with mental health issues. I guess facts don’t matter!

      • Dave G.

        Sometimes facts matter. Depends on who is killed and who did the killing.

        • Andy

          Please explain your comment.

          • Dave G.

            Certainly you’ve noticed. Whether we focus on the killer’s past struggles with mental health or whether we focus on what the person thinks, believes, how he votes, or what larger social factors might be in play seems to depend on a strange mix of factors. A good example: When a man who posted anti-Christian rants on his computer murdered some worshipers outside a church in Denver, the focus was almost entirely on his history of mental health issues. When a gunman killed several outside a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin, it sparked a month long debate in the media about Islamaphobic bigotry and racism in America. The mental health of the killer was only mentioned as an aside.

            Same here. When Matthew Shepherd was killed, I remember well that speaking out against homosexuality and calling it a sin played at least a part in his death. Or so we were told. The actual killers and their histories being barely focused on. Just like anti-Islam rhetoric is behind a host of violent acts against Muslims, no matter the mental stability of the perpetrators. While weeks of focusing on cops as racist murderers and killers, strangely has nothing to do with this. It’s all about his mental issues.

            You just never know when it’s only about the personal struggles or health concerns of the killer, or everything to do with what the killer believes, thinks, or what demographic the killer is part of or what society might be saying or doing at a certain time. It’s almost enough to make you think it could be part of a pattern!

            • Andy

              I guess I see it a bit differently – anyone who in a premeditated fashion elects to kill someone I see a mental issue. From the incidents above i did not blame conservatives for Shepare, nor for the Sihk shootings. I didn’t see the focus on mental health for he person in Colorado.
              For my money, as I said above, anyone who not in a war situation or self-defense who take the life of another has mental health issues. I think trying to focus on religious beliefs, SES, ethnicity and the like is not useful.
              It is the willingness to kill, the willingness to commit atrocities that says to me mental health issues. Thank you for explainining your answer.

              • Dave G.

                So do I. I’m of the same opinion. I just can’t help notice when focusing on the mental health of the individual is the focus, and when it is barely mentioned.

              • Dave G.

                Though let me qualify that remark. I also think that people can be whipped into a frenzy. And that’s where honesty and common sense steps in when we talk about these things. After all, we don’t say that millions of Germans with mental health issues got together and spontaneously caused the Holocaust. There’s some frenzy whipping going on there. So in reality it’s a little of both. But go out and kill for the Fatherland is different than I think there are issues that need addressed.

                • Andy

                  Being whipped into a frenzy in my opinion signifies a different kind of pressure – to use your example the German populace was overwhelmed by economic problems and looked for a way out and someone to blame. I would guess that we see that in the Tea PArty – overwhelmed by something and looking for a group to blame. THere is a need to look at the “fears” or “factors that overwhelm” when looking at groups and try to decide if/what are real and what are the frenzy whipping.
                  In America we really refuse to examine mental health issues – we see at least in my experience as mental health issues as a sign of weakness – so we don’t deal with them.

                  • Dave G.

                    True. That’s why I modified my point. The tea party being a possible example. But then no less the wave of attitudes that let even a small portion of protesters chant ‘what do we want? Dead cops!’. Perhaps it is seldom either/or. Maybe the lesson is don’t cherry pick causes based on convenience of the moment.

                    • Andy

                      I agree with you – we need to not look at what can be cherry picked, but rather the entirety – there will always be “fringe” elements who do things that are at best wrong. May you and all you hold dear have a blessed and joyous Christmas.

                    • Dave G.

                      Blessed and joyous Christmas to you and yours!

      • AquinasMan

        No, he was yet another radicalized Muslim. But we keep referring to these Islamic killers as “mentally ill”. The Fort Hood killer, the subway hatchet killer, this clown. Apparently all anyone has to do is shout Allahu Akhbar to be declared insane. In which case, we need to re-categorize the 9/11 hijackers from “terrorists” to “depressed pilots”.

        • Andy

          Just some facts:
          From the NY Dailey News
          Dabre said that her son struggled with mental illness his entire life and said he refused the family’s repeated attempts at help.
          He tried to kill himself when he was 13 and had to be institutionalized in the years leading up to the bloody Saturday massacre that left two of New York’s Finest dead.
          From pix11
          Boyce said investigators found no evidence that Brinsley was a gang member or made any extremist religious statements.

          I realize thèse don’t fit with your desire to paint anyone who may be a Muslim as a radical, but please do some research.

        • Charlie

          And the Muslim who BEHEADED a good, working grandmother in Oklahoma this year while he recited Koran verses.

    • A guest

      If liberals are responsible for the NYC cops’ death, then the Tea Party was responsible for the Las Vegas’ officers deaths last summer. See how that logic works? Anyone can play this game, as Katie Halper points out:

      “When Jerad and Amanda Miller shot Las Vegas police officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo execution style as the two men ate pizza, the Millers said the killing was the start of the revolution and they wrapped the bodies of their victims in the “Don’t tread on me,” flag that has come to symbolize the Tea Party Movement.” http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/12/if-black-lives-matter-killed-nypd-officers-tea-party-killed-las-vegas-police/

      • Dave G.

        So you’re saying that those who blamed the Tea Party at the time – and there were those who did – were in fact wrong?

        • A guest

          Retaliating politically against entire groups — muslims, liberals, the tea party, or any other group — for the actions of mentally ill lone nuts brings our society closer to collective punishment. Collective punishment is immoral and unjust. The police union’s reaction to the NYC shootings has been to blame all the protesters, and to attempt to end all peaceful protests against police brutality. The attempt to shut down peaceful assembly is anti-democratic.

          There may have been people who blamed the tea party for the Millers’ Las Vegas police killings, but most people seemed to recognize that Jerad Miller was mentally ill. There were no political national calls to shut down the tea party that I know of.

          Our media play a role in whipping up partisan/tribal emotions in these cases for their agendas. It’s important, as Mark says, to use discernment at all times and not get played.

          • Dave G.

            Yes it is. Which is why I figure in most cases it’s a combination of mental health and other factors and influences. Common sense is needed. Has Tea Party rhetoric go too far? Sure. Did the last months of ‘racist/murdering cops!’ go too far? Sure. And yet it might have nothing to do with it or everything. It’s probably a case by case basis.

    • chezami

      Only in the universe of braindead postmodern conservatism can somebody who believes all that the Holy Catholic Church believe, teaches and proclaims, who accepts enthusiastically the Church’s teaching on the Pelvic Issues, professes papal infalllibility, hates communism, accept Just War teaching and supports capitalism (within the Church’s guidelines) and voted for Reagan twice be a “liberal”. The stupidity of “conservatism” is becoming limitless.

      • petey

        not that i’d disagree, but being old enough to remember bob grant in his heyday i can assure you that “is becoming” should be “has long since become”.

    • jroberts548

      Did liberals also make him attempt to murder his girlfriend? To try to hang himself?

      I thought conservatives believed in personal responsibility. When a murderer kills someone, why are you all of a sudden willing to shift responsibility from the killer to someone else?

    • Jcar

      Matt, Condoleezza Rice is a respected conservative. She is one of a couple of black girls that survived a church fire set off by racists. You think this was imagined? Racism is not a figment of the imagination. The problem with the protesters is that they are being highjacked by anarchists that hate all cops and all sorts of authority. Sickos or unstable characters looking for an excuse to lash out are also joining in. Those that protested during the funeral of the NYC cops remind me of the church that protests during the burial of soldiers killed in action to make a point about homosexual stuff. Racism and prejudice exists. It is in the human nature. Pray for mercy. Its the only way to beat the devil inside all of us.

      • petey

        “The problem with the protesters is that they are being highjacked by anarchists”

        they are?