Welcome Cornelia Roxane Fisher!

Welcome Cornelia Roxane Fisher! February 25, 2015

Beautiful new baby girl of Damien and  Simcha Fisher!:

Babies are God’s way of saying the world should continue.  Joy and mazeltov!

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  • CJ

    The Tick put it better: “Babies are like little footballs we throw into the future. But you’ve got to put a good spiral on that baby, or evil will make and interception!”

  • Slocum Moe

    Simcha is smart. Her children won’t be Chtistian

    • chezami

      Whereas there is serious doubt that people with your social skills will ever have children at all.

    • orual’s kindred

      This might be pedantic, but Simcha Fisher is an intelligent Catholic woman. On what grounds do you say her children won’t be ‘Chtistian’? The Fishers make sure that their children are baptized. Are you predicting certain choices her children will make sometime in the future? I wonder what makes you certain that you’re qualified to say this.

      Perhaps you saying that because she is smart, her children won’t be ‘Chtistian’. Is ‘Chtistianity’ some sort of gene, cancelled by the smart gene? Again, Simcha Fisher is both smart and Catholic. Are you saying because she’s smart, she will prohibit her children from becoming ‘Chtistian’? Again, she and her husband make sure their children are baptized.

      Perhaps you mean something else by ‘Chtistian’. If so then I have no idea what you’re saying.

      • sez

        Maybe Slocum simply meant that, seeing as Simcha is smart, her kids will be Christian, and not Chtistian.

        • orual’s kindred

          Ahh! Well, that makes sense 🙂 Thank you for helping me understand!

  • orual’s kindred

    And many happy mazeltov, of course!