On the other hand, to Trump (highly tentative) credit…

On the other hand, to Trump (highly tentative) credit… January 16, 2017

he *may* have just destroyed the GOP effort to destroy health coverage for the vulnerable.

Hard to tell yet since he is such a prolific and promiscuous liar, but his pledge that everybody will be covered is a serious blow to the work of the Vandal Horde in Congress. It all depends on if he is being a populist New York liberal who really means it or a liar making things up as he goes along. It will be fun to watch them eat each other, as long as, while the elephants fight, we the grass are not trampled.

It might be that he really means it. My mind harks back to the exchange on health care at the primaries, when Trump, speaking as the New York liberal on such matters he has always been, said that he was not going to let some guy die in the street from a treatable illness while Rubio and Cruz, as the flaming libertarian fanatics they have always been, just kept chanting “Who’s gonna pay for that?” without the slightest regard for the actual needs of actual sick people.

So it really is possible that Trump is serious here and will regard himself as the Tribune of the People on this as he go up against Ryan, particularly since there is no love lost between the men and when Trump’s ego gets involved he will fight for it.

But in the maelstrom that is Trump’s mind it’s hard to know for sure. The chaos of his ignorance, ego, narcissism, greed, cynicism and dishonesty make it hard to know how things will shake out. I just hope sick people catch a break somehow in the providence of God.

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