Question to Readers re: Possible Pilgrimage

Question to Readers re: Possible Pilgrimage January 28, 2017

So something called “Canterbury Pilgrimages” contacted me, wondering if I want to lead a pilgrimage for readers interested in… well, a pilgrimage.

I’ve never done anything like that, but I’m game if you guys are. I think the way it works is that if enough people are interested, then we figure out where to pilgrimize and when and then go there.

As your Leader and Obdt Svt, I would offer some talks on things spiritual/theological–a matter I know something about–and we would visit related sites, eat interesting food, all get to know each other, and, of course pray, worship, and celebrate our Faith.

I have no clue about costs but I’m assuming a couple thousand for travel and what not. They go to Rome, Fatima, Assisi, Lourdes, Knock, the Holy Land, or the Missions of California. All of these sound interesting, but I would particularly be interested in Rome, Assisi, Lourdes, and the Holy Land, partly because I would like to see them firsthand for my novel.

Anyway, if this is of interest to you, please drop me a line so I have sense of what to tell them about possible turnout. Thanks!

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