Trump just keeps lying about Russia

Trump just keeps lying about Russia January 21, 2017

Here he is in October, lying.


“The FBI and five other law enforcement and intelligence agencies have collaborated for months in an investigation into Russian attempts to influence the November election, including whether money from the Kremlin covertly aided President-elect Donald Trump, two people familiar with the matter said.”

The agencies involved in the inquiry are the FBI, the CIA, the National Security Agency, the Justice Department, the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and representatives of the director of national intelligence, the sources said.

Investigators are examining how money may have moved from the Kremlin to covertly help Trump win, the two sources said. One of the allegations involves whether a system for routinely paying thousands of Russian-American pensioners may have been used to pay some email hackers in the United States or to supply money to intermediaries who would then pay the hackers, the two sources said.””

It will be fascinating to see how far he is willing to abuse his office to punish the intelligence and press communities for trying to find out what he’s done. And how much GOP crooks in Congress let him do. And how much his “prolife” Christian supporters are willing to prostitute themselves to defend everything he says and does.

I’m still praying that, at long last, his Christian supporters will wake up, realize how much of their witness they have already destroyed, repent, and pursue the gospel and not earthly power via this con man.

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