Atheist Dave Rubin chats with Bp. Barron…

Atheist Dave Rubin chats with Bp. Barron… February 7, 2017

on the Pelvic Issues and Just War:

He does a good job of engaging people where they’re at and trying to move people along toward the kingdom. Interesting discussion of the Aquinas Principle too. And of Jesus as the leader held up before the eyes of the world as a mocked leader. Rubin seems to be an intelligent interviewer.

What’s fascinating is that atheists responded with real respect for Bp. Barron’s presentation of Catholic teaching.

Meanwhile, Liesite News, now an implacable and dishonest enemy of Pope Francis, responds both by denouncing Bp. Barron for speaking with tax collectors and sinners and, most incredibly, banning the sterling Brandon Vogt from commenting there for the grave sin of defending Bp. Barron.

The anti-Francis subculture is the enemy of evangelization. They don’t want converts. They want to drive people away from and out of of the Church and turn it into a congregationalist model devoted to a Bannonesque racist cult of fertility with a fancy for smells and bells.

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