Today I’m interviewing Devin Rose on “Connecting the Dots”…

Today I’m interviewing Devin Rose on “Connecting the Dots”… February 7, 2017

…at 5 PM Eastern on Breadbox Media.

Devin grew up atheist and converted to Evangelical Protestantism during college after suffering from a social anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and depression. Through researching the roots of his Protestant beliefs he discovered Catholicism and entered the Church in 2001. Working as a full-time software developer, Devin nonetheless found his passion in defending the Catholic Faith and helping Protestants discover the Church as well. In 2013 he wrote The Protestant’s Dilemma, published by Catholic Answers, drawing from his experience in becoming Catholic. Then in 2016 he wrote Navigating the Tiber, a guidebook for how Catholics can lead their Protestant friends into full communion with the Church. A devoted husband and father, he lives with his family in central Texas.

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