Help Get These Kids in Uganda an Education

Help Get These Kids in Uganda an Education February 2, 2017
These guys are the real deal.  Please help with this work of mercy:
Catholic Schools Week in the USA ends February 4th. But it won’t be a Catholic School Week or a school week of any kind for the Catholic children in the picture, and many more, without help from people like you who care.

Study the picture. Look at the children’s faces and the clothes they are wearing.

The lady in the picture is Fausta Nalubega. She lives in Kampala, Uganda, where the children do. Fausta is a self-starter who is addressing the need for all children to get an education in Kampala, Uganda – especially the least among us – whether in a Catholic school or in a public school.

Where would you be without your education? Looking at the children and thinking of yourself, I think you could echo the statement, “There but for the Grace of God go I.” Or perhaps, “There but for the Grace of God go my children”.

To see more pictures of the children Fausta is determined to help, go to the Facebook page of Fausta Nalubega.

Make a donation for the kids, no matter how small. Nothing will make you feel better. It is a great way to say thank-you for all you have received. Thank you.

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