Richard Spencer, who was, never let it be forgotten…

Richard Spencer, who was, never let it be forgotten… March 21, 2017

…put on the map by the combined efforts of Steve Bannon and Milo Yiannopoulos and their struggle to mainstream the Nazis of the Alt Right, holds forth on the “dysgenic” nature of the prolife movement and denies that lebensunwertes leben with the wrong color skin have a right to life:

“[The pro-life movement] is directly associated with this…that every being that is human has a right to life and so on. Well that’s not how we think as identitarians, to be honest. You are part of a community, you’re part of a family, you’re part of a collective. You do not have some human right, some abstract thing give to you by God or by the world or something like that. You’re part of a community and that’s where you gain your meaning or your rights. The anti-abortion crusade is often associated with family, the traditional family, but to be honest it’s descended into not just a human rights dogma but a kind of dysgenic “we are the world” dogma.”

This is the filth that “Catholic” Steve Bannon has fought to mainstream.  This is what Breitbart supports.  This is what Trump is in bed with.  And this is was “prolife” conservatives boldly defend as “not PC”.

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