A chance to help a family in Africa that really needs our help

A chance to help a family in Africa that really needs our help April 26, 2017

Reader Dennis Donovan writes:

Four kids who lost their father in January 2015 need to start the next school term in May. Also, a group of underprivileged children need to return to (and begin) public schools in May – the fees for public school are low by US standards, but there are fees nevertheless. The grand total for all the children is about $2,000. They need to pay the fees by Monday, May 1st. Please help as quickly as possible. By the way, don’t be confused by the GoFundMe link. The Easter fundraiser it takes you to is the same group that is now helping these kids. Thank your readers so much for their generous help!

Please help them as quickly as you can. I’ve worked with them in the past. This is legit.

UPDATE: You guys are crushing this! Keep it up! They wrote me and asked me to tell you guys thanks! They’ve made $600 so far thanks to three generous folks. They’re not out of the woods yet, but your prompt response is helping immensely. Keep it coming! You guys are such blessing this little community of Christ’s poor ones. God love you!

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