God Save us From this Imbecile

God Save us From this Imbecile April 6, 2017

Hillary Clinton “wants to start a shooting war in Syria… that could very well lead to World War III,” Trump said in Florida days before Election Day.

Tomorrow we appoint a judge who says Roe is settled law and a fetus is not a person–just like Hillary Clinton did. Trump is doing what he can to suck up to Planned Parenthood. And now we have a shooting war with Syria (and Russia is shooting back at us, according to unconfirmed reports).

As I said at the time, Trump will be worse than Hillary. Because he has no clue. Dolt 45 suddenly felt a thing when he saw the images of the children killed in Syria and impulsively wanted to do some random military thing to “fix” Syria. That’s is not an improvement. Zeal without knowledge is a formula for catastrophe. This dolt could get millions killed. Including on our soil.

Trump made a Faustian Bargain and seems to be having second thoughts. I fear he may have grandiose visions of Saving the Day in Syria and my guess is he really is horrified by the murder of those children. As Howard Stern says, he wants to be loved. So my guess is that he has fantasies of Bombing the Shit Out of Bad Guys and heroically Fixing It with Sacred Violence.

In addition, I think he is starting to want to distance himself from his deal with The Shadows like Londo Mollari. But I also think he does not have the slightest idea what he is doing. And the Shadows will be veddy veddy put out if he decides to start a proxy war with them in Syria with visions of himself as Hero Liberator.

Nor do I believe that the overgrown Boy with ADHD can prosecute a war for more than a couple weeks (if that long) before he gets bored and distracted and (God defend us) itching for some kind of short term “solution”. He scares the hell out of me.

But one thing has not change: Amazing how we don’t have resources to help refugees but always have resources to make more of them.

I wonder what Kim Jong Un is thinking about tonight?

If we make it to 2020 without a nuclear exchange happening somewhere in the world we will be blessed beyond our desserts. Impeach this moron now.

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