Everything the Postmodern Right used to oppose it now embodies

Everything the Postmodern Right used to oppose it now embodies May 11, 2017

Death panels, for instance. A White House death panel just declared that I do not deserve health insurance because I am a diabetic.

And the best part is that I know for certain that Good Catholic and Evangelical court prophets will instantly step up to reassert the Bronze Age belief that illness is God’s punishment for sin and that those with diabetes deserve to be punished with it for their sins of gluttony. I won’t be terribly surprise to get some variation of “Tough luck, fatso” in the comboxes (I’ve gotten it before).

“Prolife” conservative Christians *love* to indulge in the argument that people with various lifestyle-related disease need to be punished with sickness and (if all goes well) death. I hear it constantly from the same people who, a couple of years ago, were warning darkly that the liberals were going to create death panels.

Jesus said, “Heal the sick” to his disciples. But today’s Christianist Trump lovers prefer to heap gloating and cruelty on the sick because their god is one of vengeance and mercilessness.

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