A man who once lied Catholics into supporting torture…

A man who once lied Catholics into supporting torture… December 1, 2017

…offers the only defense Christianists have for Trump: he’s not Hillary.

Marc Thiessen, last mentioned in this space for his eager and passionate lies in defense of torture, now draws on his unique skill set to do the only thing Trump defender can do in defense of this wise as a dove, innocent as a serpent sex predator, thief, con man and grifter: shout, “LOOK!  HILLARY!” as though she is in any way relevant.

It’s been a year and all the Christianist liar can say of Trump is “He’s not Hillary.”  They’ve got nothing because they know what a horrible human being and lying crook they have chosen to defend.

But then, these are people who have defended torture for over a decade and lied that they are “prolife” and “faithful to the Church’s teaching”.  What can you expect?

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